Save Eagle Mountain Lake Embarks on 2024 with 'Love Your Lake' Event

Fort Worth, TX - The shores of Eagle Mountain Lake, a cherished natural gem in the Fort Worth area, are set to witness an inspiring assembly of community members, environmentalists, and local leaders at the "Love Your Lake" event this February. Organized by Save Eagle Mountain Lake, Inc. (SEML), a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of this vital water body, the event marks a significant step in the organization's ambitious 2024 agenda.

Established with a mission to protect and improve the lake's environmental health, SEML has been a pivotal force in fostering community engagement and sustainable practices around Eagle Mountain Lake. From initiating clean-up drives to educational programs, SEML’s efforts have consistently focused on ensuring that the lake remains a thriving habitat for wildlife and a recreational haven for the community.

The upcoming "Love Your Lake" event, scheduled for February 17th, 2024, at the Fort Worth Boat Club, is more than just an annual meeting. It's a celebration of the community’s shared commitment to the lake and an opportunity to reinforce the collective resolve to safeguard this natural asset. The event promises an array of activities including educational information, food & beverages, and the introduction of SEML's Strategic Plan for 2024.

The Strategic Plan is a cornerstone of SEML's vision for the year ahead. It outlines a series of targeted initiatives aimed at enhancing the ecological health of Eagle Mountain Lake, promoting responsible usage, and increasing public awareness about environmental stewardship. Key focus areas include combating pollution, maintaining clean water standards, and expanding community outreach programs.

"Love Your Lake" also serves as a platform for dialogue and collaboration. By bringing together residents, experts, and policymakers, the event fosters a shared understanding of the challenges facing the lake and explores innovative solutions to address them.

As SEML looks ahead to 2024, the emphasis is firmly on action and impact. With community support and collaborative efforts, the organization is poised to make significant strides in its mission. "Love Your Lake" is not just a reflection of what has been achieved but a beacon for what can and needs to be done for the preservation of Eagle Mountain Lake.

In a time when environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, the work of SEML and the community's involvement serve as a powerful reminder of the difference collective action can make. Eagle Mountain Lake is more than just a body of water; it's a vital part of the Fort Worth community's identity and heritage – a legacy that SEML is committed to protecting for generations to come.

For more information about the "Love Your Lake" event and how to get involved with SEML’s initiatives, visit, contact, or click on the image below.

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