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Eagle Mountain Lake

Press Release for the 2021 Eagle Mountain Lake Parade of Lights

Eagle Mountain Lake

n most companies, people who work together bond and become friends. In a small business like the bar I manage in Chelsea, those bonds, and the trust that comes with them, are particularly important. There are just 12 of us at our little bar, and we are like a family.

We all know Eagle Mountain Lake – it’s located right in some
of our own backyards. However, have you ever heard of the
“Eagle Mountain Watershed” or have any knowledge of what
that might entail? Well, hopefully this will enlighten some of
you as to what the Eagle Mountain Watershed consists of, as
well as introduce you to “Save Eagle Mountain Lake”.

GRAPEVINE, Texas - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has upgraded the status of Grapevine Lake to fully infested with invasive zebra mussels.

The change is based on recent samples that revealed the presence of both larva and zebra mussel in various parts of the lake.

Eagle Mountain Lake

Eagle Mountain Lake dam and spillway were completed in October 1932 by the Tarrant County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 (Water District) for a cost of $3,250,000 of which $1,000,000 was paid for the site.

Eagle Mountain Lake

Watershed Protection Plans (WPPs) are stakeholder-driven strategies to address local water quality issues, such as pollutant sources, practices that address these sources, and coordinating an approach to carry out water quality protection and restoration efforts.


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